A unique mixture of education, work, and self teachings. 

I have a very unique set of qualifications and skillsets which have been acquired over many years of formal and informal education. Like I have stated in the about me section I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration, minoring in marketing and management. This formal education fits nicely with my self taught education in digital creative design. I have created, produced, printed, and mass mailed various flyers to customers for The Joyce Insurance. For example and just off the top of my head one was a flyer which was basically designed to look like a postcard and sent to existing customers explaining a new way to save money by adding automatic payments to your existing policy using the insurance companies online website. I am also a bit of a natural when it comes to sales, so knowing my audience and being able to have an idea of what my demographic wants is another strong suit. I have also done websites for specific coverages, trifold brochures, save the date digital reservations, and a plethora of different kinds of design work which worked very well with my knowledge base in advertising/marketing/branding/and public relations. I am also extremely well versed in social media marketing/branding. I created a website (just a site which displayed art) as a social experiment to see how effective using social media would be to get traffic to the site. Let’s say if you have a good grip on how to use social media correctly, in my case adding a photo of something political then include trending topics with the hashtag along with attaching people with massive amounts of followers… Well I was definitely confident with my social media branding experience after doing it for about 1 month with my website. I was getting upwards of 1,000 hits per day from a website which literally did not exist the day previous and also had a very long a silly domain name (web address). I did that experiment well over 1 year ago and I still get traffic daily.

I’m also a self taught in a few programming languages and networking. My family got their first computer around the year 1999, it was a Gateway Destination. The only thing I can say with 100% certainty; I was super intrigued / excited by this new technology, and being at the age of 13-14 years old it was perfect timing for a kid to explore something new with tremendous vigor. Another profound thing was by this time the internet was out and widely available for consumer use. Our PC had a 56k dial up modem and I used AOL to connect to the internet. After taking the computer apart a few times and finding out where everything went, how everything fit, and how to add parts to make the PC perform better I also realized there were other ways you could connect to the web without paying for AOL. After everything I had learned and the potential of this new technology; I was hooked. I just wanted to learn, anything and everything. By the time I had graduated high school in 2003 I learned HTML, MSL, and a lot of other boring computer languages which are now all redundant. Fortunately that wasn't the point. The major point I found out much later in life was the basic fact that I was very talented with I.T related issues/problems. When my uncles or aunts needed help with something at their homes they would always call me. Before anyone in my family (even extended) made a purchase concerning new technology they would ask me for my recommendations first. This started when I was maybe a senior in high school and still goes on until this day. Now however, I try to give stock tips to my father and uncles on companies whose products I think will be a homerun. I still do a little bit of technology based stuff but it's all mainly hobby based at this point. I still just like learning everything & anything I can about this thing we call the internet. There is a quote I heard somewhere, I am not sure if it was said by a famous individual or not, but it goes something like this: I was born too late to explore the world and too early to explore space, but right on time to explore this thing we call the internet.