The Who..

A little history about me..

I am an alumni of Scranton Preparatory School. After graduation I attended Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration, minoring in marketing and management.

Currently I am working for The Joyce Agency. We are an Allstate agency located in Lords Valley, PA. Before making the move to Lords Valley, PA I was working for a political action committee. I am also an insurance consultant for The Joyce Insurance Group located in Pittston, PA establishing myself in the world of commerical insurance. I have my Property & Casualty insurance license in the state of PA. I have a very good understanding of personal lines (home, and auto insurance). This comes from my time working at The Joyce Agency | Allstate Brokerage agency. However before I started working in politics I was working for the Joyce Insurance Group doing some marketing campaigns, and also leanring about commerical insurance lines. My insurance knowledge is very in-depth; from marketing (creating flyers), customer service (helping people save with added discounts in personal lines), to in depth knowledge of workers comp insurance.  

I believe I have a very unique set of qualifications. I am always looking for opportunities to network and expand potential and favorable business connections and/or opportunities. Along with my formal education I am also a self taught programmer (limited languages) & graphic designer. These skills were all self taught starting aroung the age 15. I currently maintain around 5 websites, 1 of which was a social experiment to see how much traffic I could direct to the site using trending hashtags etc.; the others were just a challenge. Here are some examples:  and more.

I am extremely interested in the financial sector. I read the Barron's publication as well Yahoo finance and the WSJ. The markets and finance in general intrigue me, specifically anything to do with new tech (technology sector). I do follow certain stocks with great intensity, i.e Apple, Tesla, Level 3, Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Cogent, and many others. Personally I do not have the liquidity to make big enough stock purchases to make any real money with my research and knowledge but I have helped others out in years past. For example today 5/22/17 Tesla released a new product this week which turns your shingles into solar panels (any style) i.e no more utility companies. They are not just a car company. Energy and satelite internet provider will be their biggest revenues (in my opinion). <-- Passion.

Right now working is my main hobby.. but when I do pry myself away from my desk, computer, or phone I enjoy anything outdoors. When I'm not working you can usually find me with a fishing pole in my hand. Or in general out in the woods; either hiking with my Irish WolfHound, Finnigan or just taking a walk in the woods by myself.

I also love to travel, learn about new technologies, take photographs, go to the movies, golf (i try), read, and going out trying and tasting new foods. I am always eager to learn new things.